-working on a composition


I am not a musician.
I am not a singer.
I am just a songwriter with a lot of music that I have been collecting from a young age that I am now looking for ways to bring to life. I let the musicians do the work while I am supervising it making sure the music becomes the way I want it to be.

I have hired two different music producers and a vocalist to help me make my dream project come true. This has resulted in one album, «Dreamwork», and one EP, «Summer EP».
I will use this website as a place to collect all my music.

In my music blog, «Lonely Musician», I will write about my own music; how I work, the story of the songs and my struggles to make this music project come to life. I will use it as a way to document the Dreamwork project for myself, and hopefully somebody else will also find it interesting.

In addition, I will write about songs, albums, songwriters and musicians I like and whom I admire.



«Summer EP»

«Gimme your heart»

«Dreamwork demo album»

«Summer EP demo collection»


«The WSSL demos»