Story of the song 10: Hotel

Del dette

Hotel is an old song that started out as the Norwegian song «Hotell» and was a part of the original «1001 Natt» album. It was, however, cut when «1001 Natt» evolved into the English album «1001 Nights» but was included again when the Dreamwork album project started up. It was also featured in the «Red Box» demo collection.

The final released version of the song is very similar to my original instrumental demo that I presented to the producer. It has only become more of a dancepop track with more synth layers as the reference track used for the sound is Madonna`s «Jump».

The song was presented to the producer on 11th April 2020. Vocal recording was done in the studio on 18th October without us being sent a version to listen to before showing up to record. First version from producer Inge was received 24th September. I gave feedback about adjustments 27th October and the last version was received 27th October 2020.