Story of the song 12: Name

Del dette

The song «Name» comes from a bass line idea that I got many years ago. Originally, the song was supposed to be a kind of a hiphop-ish track with this very funky bass line, which I like very much, used as a repeating hook and only a chorus, a bridge and a vocal outro. There were originally no verses to it as it was planned to be just rapping between these other sections over the bass line part. So my original instrumental demo was created this way. When I sent my demo to producer David Michelsen at Norsk Lydstudio he said that he liked it and thought it was a cool idea but he had trouble working out chords and doing something with the song like that. So he suggested that we used it as a basis and re-work it into a pop song. After some thinking I agreed and he took my instrumental demo and changed it completely around. The most dramatic change for me is that he got rid of the bass line, which to me is what made the song in the first place and was the reason I chose that song. But I understood that the bass line would not have its place in this version. Secondly my chorus, which originally in my version was longer, got shortened down – which was very OK, and the chorus became really great.

So for this new version of «Name» it became a collaboration between the producer and me to build up the song based on some parts of my demo melody. The producer had listened to my demo, changed it around, and sent a suggestion to me. I listened to it and created two new segments; verses and pre-chorus, and sent it back to him again. These along with the shortened chorus became the main parts of the song. Then we needed a bridge and we used my original bridge from my demo and just altered a little bit on it so that it worked with this new version.

«Name» was recorded Thursday 22th July 2021 at Norsk Lydstudio in Mjøndalen, Norway. We started the recording session for the song at 12:15 PM and worked on it until 14:05 PM before we started to record «Summer».