Story of the song 11: Lonely Musician

Del dette

I am not quite sure when the idea for the song «Lonely Musician» first came to me but I think it must have been some time between 2013 -2017. The song was not so early that it featured on the planned «1001 Nights» album but an instrumental demo was made for the «Blue Box» Demo Sketch Collection that collected songs from 2014 – 17. Eventually, it would end up as track number 2 on the final Dreamwork album.

«Lonely Musician» was all the time planned to be an electronic dance track. I chose the Madonna song «Music» as the reference track for this song and in my opinion that worked very well.

Song presentation and testing of the right key for the song was done at producer Inge Engelsvold´s studio at Tinfabrikken on 28th November 2018. First instrumental version was received on 21th December 2018 and the vocal recording was done 28th August 2019. I received the first version with vocals on 5th June 2020 but I had some comments about adjustments so the final finished version of «Lonely Musician» was received 27th October 2020.