Story of the song 9: Going 2 London

Del dette

Going 2 London is a song that goes way back and was probably created some time between 2000 and 2008. Originally titled «London Lover» it was part of my «Red Box» demo sketch collection before it was added to the Dreamwork project many years later. First as a part of the 3-disc set, then it was included when the album was cut down to a double album and eventually it also made it onto the final album selection track list when the songs that were going to be recorded were chosen.

When I had decided I wanted to include the track on the final album I changed the song title to «Going 2 London» and wrote completely new lyrics to it. After a few unsuccessful lyric attempts I found the right angle and decided to write the song as a tourist travel guide namedropping some London places and suggesting things to do in the UK capital. It´s worth mentioning that I have actually not been any of the places I am writing about in the lyrics, but maybe I need to visit some of them if I ever go to London again.

«London» was a song there was a little struggle with during the recording of the song. The reference track I chose for this song is a song called «Take em´ up» by Shit Robot, an electronic track. On that song there is a synth pad that I loved and wanted to have on my song. However, it seemed very difficult to explain this to the producer, and he never understood what I meant and which synth part it really was I wanted. It took several rounds back and forth before we ended up with a result I was pleased with.

Another challenge was when we were going to record the vocals. Usually we had the instrumental backing track at hand so I could bring that to the vocalist so she could hear it when I presented the song to her. But because it took so long to get the instrumental part right I had not received the backing track from the producer yet when we had booked the vocal recording. This means that when I presented the song to the vocalist for her to rehearse none of us actually knew what the instrumental sounded like. My original demo that I sent to the producer was in one beat and style but the reference song was in a completely different beat. We discussed how we thought the instrumental would be, because it would matter to how the vocalist would sing the song, and we assumed that the producer would change it so that it sounded more like the reference track. However, when we arrived in the studio and heard the instrumental the beat was more like my original demo. So during the vocal recording there was a lot of stopping and recording part for part because the vocalist had not been able to prepare properly for how to sing it in advance. But everything worked out fine in the end and the vocals turned out amazing.

The song was presented to the producer in his studio at Tou Lyd on 11th April 2020. Vocal recording was done on 18th October and the last version of the song was received 27th October 2020 with me approving that version on 2th November.

Going to London ended up as track number 8 on the Dreamwork album released 2th December 2022.