«The Red Box» Demo Sketch Collection (2012-2016)

Del dette

The Red Box Collection is a demo sketch project I did aiming to re-make many of my older demos into better instrumental demos. The goal was to get down as many songs as possible so that I could remember the melodies and song ideas for later use. The collection consists of three discs with a total of 34 songs. Several of the songs from this collection ended up on the «Dreamwork» album and the «Summer EP». 

Track list:

Disc 1.

  1. On the floor
  2. Good 4 me
  3. World 2day
  4. Without your love
  5. Gimme your heart
  6. Famous (4 the fame & money)
  7. Lonely
  8. I really wanna dance 2night
  9. Far away
  10. 1001 nights
  11. Midnight serenade

Disc 2.

  1. Saturdays
  2. Summer
  3. Anywhere in the world tonight
  4. Touch our love
  5. Hotel
  6. Everything will be alright
  7. Bad 2 da bone
  8. One more night
  9. Ain´t nobody like you
  10. Messing with my heart
  11. In love with you

Disc 3.

  1. Every little touch
  2. Greatest fantasy
  3. La det skje
  4. If U love me
  5. Just say you’ll stay with me
  6. Pyton
  7. Ibsen
  8. Alltid ver
  9. London lover
  10. All my life
  11. All I´m trying to say
  12. Sexy suit