Story of the song 5: World 2day

Del dette

I believe that the song «World 2day» was first created some time between 2005 – 2008. Initially, it was a song that was first written in Norwegian titled «Norge I dag» and was supposed to be the third track on the Norwegian pop album «1001 natt», which I was dreaming about making. The first lyrics I can find from these days are about the Josef Fritzl case in 2008 and general terrorist attacks but eventually, as the years passed on without it ever being recorded, the lyrics had to be updated all the time as it´s a song that needs to be news relevant. When my plans changed into making an English speaking album instead the song ended up being called «World 2day».

The song itself is my homage to the Prince song «Sign O´ the times» from 1987. «World 2day» is built up in the same way as the Prince masterpiece and my goal was to create «an electronic modernized Sign O´the times of 2019». To do so I used Prince´s «Sign O´ the times» as my main reference track but I also needed to find a couple of modern electronic songs that I liked the sound of to add to the reference list. My choices ended up being the song «Purple sun» by Honom and the song «Freundchen» (Phil Gerus remix) by Tensnake.

There were two very important elements from my instrumental demo that I wanted to feature in the song: the bass line and the guitar riff. My instructions to producer and musician Inge Engelsvold was to keep this and follow the song build-up. Also, I wanted a Prince-ish guitar solo in the middle (inspired by his 1987 MTV Music Awards live performance of SOTT) and a song ending/outro with the repeating song riff with some talking over it. And the outro should be full and not cut to shorten it down. One cool fun fact about the guitar solo is that it´s actually played by Inge Engelsvold on a keyboard and is not played by a real guitar. I guess this could fool most people, because it sounds very real, but the truth is that no real guitar was used at all.

«World 2day» ended up as track 4 on the Dreamwork album. It was presented to the producer in his studio at Tou Lyd 11th June 2019. Instrumental version was received 16th January 2020 and vocals were recorded 28th February. Finished studio version was received 11th May 2020.