Story of the song 4: Saturdays

Del dette

One day in May 2009 I was standing at the bus stop close to my home waiting for the bus to take me to the city. Out of a sudden this melody just popped into my head and I thought it was so good that I wanted to save it. However, I did not have a recorder with me and I was in doubt; should I go back home to get the melody down on a recorder or should I jump on the bus and go? I went with the last option but I clearly remember that I throughout the whole bus trip and city visit sang the melody in my head so I would remember it until I got back home. The melody that popped up also came with full lyrics almost immediately and the song has not changed much since the time I stood at the bus stop. The song, of course, was Saturdays and several demo versions of the song was created before it ended up as track 6 on the «Dreamwork» album. 

I decided I wanted this song to go in a dance/pop direction and chose the Madonna song «Sorry» as the reference track for the sound. I presented the song to the producer in his studio 24th January 2019 and received the first instrumental version without bridge 5th July. We recorded the vocals in the studio 28th August and I received the first finished version 7th October. It needed more work with more synth layers and the final and last version of the song was received 3th November 2020.