«Bersagel Sessions» Project (2018)

Del dette

10th May 2018 I contacted Elisabeth, the vocalist that I have used on my Dreamwork project, with a request if she wanted to put some vocals on a couple of songs that I had made very simple demos to in Logic. I needed to see if it would work with vocals on the demos I had because the quality is obviously not the best considering me not being a musician. She agreed, and we had a pre-planning meeting in my apartment on Friday 5th July 2018. On Friday 27th July 2018 Elisabeth and I recorded three demos at our family cottage at Bersagel, Sandnes, Norway. The songs were: «Gimme your heart», «Without your love» and «Hotel».  

The plan was to mix these songs myself and just keep these poorly made amateur demos as the final product. However, I thought it was quite hard to mix it so I decided to contact a professional to see if it was possible to get it done properly. I contacted producer Inge Engelsvold on mail Tuesday 14th August 2018 and asked if this was a job he wanted to do. We agreed on a meeting Thursday 16th August so I could present the songs I had to him. The meeting went well and we decided that he could produce a completely new version of the song «Gimme your heart» instead of just mixing the demo I had. This way the song(s) would get a professional touch and it was easier to hear the potential of the songs more clearly. I asked Elisabeth if she would be interested in contributing new vocals to the song in the studio and she agreed to doing so. The new vocals for «Gimme your heart» were recorded on 4th September 2018 at the producer´s studio at Tinfabriken, Stavanger, Norway, and I was so pleased with the result that we planned another session to re-record the second demo to a more professional studio version. «Without your love» was recorded Wednesday 28th November 2018 at the same location.

«The Bersagel Sessions» was the demo project that evolved into the «Dreamwork project» and it was really a surprise that it turned out that way – even for me. If I had not asked Elisabeth if she wanted to help me with vocals on my poor amateur demos then the album would probably not have happened at all. So some long hours at a cottage at Bersagel one late summer night ignited the rest of the project and the ball was rolling.