«1001 Nights» Project (2011 – 2012)

Del dette

When I finally decided that I instead wanted to focus on an English album the album title changed to «1001 Nights». The songs from the Norwegian compilation was brought along but I now had a lot more songs to choose from that I had created during these years and the songs and track order changed all the time. However, what you see here is what I consider the final «1001 Nights» track list, only that at this time some of the songs from the Norwegian version still had not gotten English lyrics so the configuration is a mix of English and Norwegian song titles.

Track List:

  1. Jenter
  2. Stemmen din
  3. Verden i dag
  4. Without your love
  5. Gimme your heart
  6. I really wanna dance tonight
  7. Lonely
  8. Famous (4 the fame & money)
  9. Far away
  10. 1001 natt
  11. Midnight serenade

This was still supposed to be a Michael Jackson influenced pop album with a good mix of different kind of songs. Here, track 3 and 4 followed from the previous compilation, but this time «Without your love», which ended up as track number 5 on the Dreamwork album, got included as track number 5 here – and stayed there for the rest of the project. Track number 6, «Gimme your heart», was also included and was for a long time planned to be the first single if I ever got to make an album. It also became the test song when the album producer and I considered working together, but it was eventually cut from the Dreamwork album.

There were many songs I considered for the «1001 Nights» album , including the other songs that were on the Norwegian version. The songs that did not make it are:

  1. Syden/Summer
  2. Alltid ver
  3. Hotell
  4. Touch our love
  5. Ain´t nobody like you
  6. In the rain
  7. Messing with my heart
  8. One more night
  9. Saturdays
  10. Come feel my love
  11. Bad 2 da bone
  12. Greatest fantasy
  13. La det skje
  14. Pyton
  15. Welcome you
  16. Bli med meg hjem
  17. Sexy Suit
  18. London lover
  19. Anywhere in the world tonight