«1001 Natt» Project (2005 -2010)

Del dette

First compilation of the album I was dreaming about making based on some of the songs I had created. At this time the plan was to make a Michael Jackson influenced pop album in Norwegian and this was the original track listing. 

The interesting thing here is that track number 3 and 4, «Stemmen din» (Your voice) and «Verden i dag» (World today), became the songs «Unemployed/Brighter future» and «World 2day» which both ended up on the final released «Dreamwork» album many years later and they stayed in the same track order all the time. The same did track number 6, «Hotell», which got rid of an -l and ended up as the song «Hotel» on the album.

Track number 7, «I reggenet» (In the rain), first changed name to «In the rain» and then finally ended up on the «Summer EP» with another new name, «Universe». Track number 10, «Syden», got the English name «Summer» and also got included on the «Summer EP». 

Track list:

  1. Jenter
  2. Stemmen din
  3. Verden i dag
  4. Alltid ver
  5. Dansa med deg i kveld
  6. Hotell
  7. I reggenet
  8. Pyton
  9. La det skje
  10. Syden 
  11. Bli med meg hjem
  12. 1001 natt

There were also other songs I considered for the album. These are the ones that did not make it:

  1. Giftstikk
  2. Herr Hvem
  3. Kyss meg
  4. Ikkje ser på meg
  5. Du & eg
  6. Musikken på
  7. Kan du någen gang bli min
  8. Savn
  9. Ibsen
  10. Stavanger, eg ser deg
  11. Mål